Welcome to Malaybet ! Experience our new website and promotions ! CIMB BANK under maintenance on (19/02/2020) 00:00am until 09:00am. we will check your transaction when bank is operate. Sorry for any inconvenience caused. Thank You CIMB BANK 将在 (19/02/2020) 00:00am直到09:00am。我们会在银行恢复正常检查您的交易。 给您造成的任何不便,请原谅。 谢谢 CIMB BANK di bawah penyelenggaraan pada (19/02/2020) 00:00am sehingga 09:00am. Kami akan menyemak transaksi anda apabila bank beroperasi. Maaf di atas segala kesulitan. Terima kasihMalaybet>>Congratulation, you are winning our Weekly Lucky Draw 17/02/2020 lucky draw. Please contact our customer consultant to claim your money ! Thank you Weekly Lucky Draw Winner (17/02/2020 ) -1st Prize MYR688 -dog****[email protected] -2nd Prize MYR388 -lala****[email protected] -3rd Prize MYR188 -slim****[email protected] -Baxz****[email protected] -sho****[email protected] -dell****[email protected] -ben****[email protected] -diss***[email protected] -For***[email protected] -bao***[email protected] -din****[email protected] -oe****[email protected] -dxe***[email protected] -Oun****[email protected] -Lor****[email protected] -val****[email protected] -Ram***[email protected] -ala***[email protected] -pac***[email protected] -Oue****[email protected] -mid****[email protected] -don***[email protected] -Ran****[email protected]
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